Stage Performances at Walt Disney World


Performing at the Waterside Stage at Downtown Disney

Performing at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is an experience like no other.  It helps to build three traits that are crucial in an ensemble: confidence, character, and camaraderie.  Your group will be showcased at our beautiful Waterside Stage at Downtown Disney.  Not only will it be fun, your group will have accomplished something that few will even have the opportunity to attempt.

We know that you’ve got a lot of planning to do.  To help bring your performance here, you’ll be coordinating with our Disney Performing Arts Professionals.  This brief overview will let you know what you need to plan, and what to expect.  Feel free to contact us if you should have questions.

Stage Performance Guidlines:

  • Our Disney brand is well known and loved for its family friendly image. We don't allow the use of profanity in any language, sexually suggestive content, or content that advocates violence.
  • Your show is to run (including transitions between numbers) no more than 25 minutes.
  • Extensive technical, prop, and costume requirements cannot be used due to limited on-stage facilities.
  • Prepare an organized entrance to, and exit from, the stage.

Venue Information:

We'll need to know what kind of stage set-up is required and what music will be in the performance. Below are links to the two simple forms we need to be returned. Print and return them by fax or mail no later than 6 weeks prior to your performance. You can also scan the completed forms and return them by email.

Arrival Plan:

  • All group members must arrive together. Upon arrival, a Disney Performing Arts Professional will meet you and will provide direction and assistance throughout your time with us.
  • Access to our Preshow Area is restricted to performers, group leaders and personnel who have an active role preparing for the march. Friends and family are not permitted.
  • We expect your show to be fully rehearsed, and that the performers will only need to warm-up prior to your show.
  • Your group will arrive to our Preshow Area for their performance. Our Preshow Area for Downtown Disney is located off of Buena Vista Drive, across from Downtown Disney, on a service road for the ""Team Disney"" office building.
  • Your vehicles will be needed for the duration of the performance. Once the group has gotten ready for the performance at our Preshow Area, your vehicles will transport the group to the stage.
  • We recommend the use of commercial motor coaches because we are not able to secure parking availability in the Downtown Disney Guest Parking Lots.
  • We'll coordinate your meeting time when we speak to you by telephone approximately two weeks prior to your performance.
  • Walt Disney World operations can change due to inclement weather or other conditions. Performance dates, times, and locations are subject to change at any time, up until show time. In the unlikely event that a change occurs, we'll keep you informed.

Dress Code:

  • Your uniforms/costumes have been approved based on the photograph(s) sent us with your audition materials. To request to change your approved attire, please contact us.
  • Due to copyright restrictions, your presentation cannot contain mascots, fictional movie, television, print and animated characters, or portrayals of people whose images have been copyrighted.
  • Everyone appearing on stage is to look their best! All directors, announcers, and anyone else (such as a page turner) may be dressed no more casually than dress shoes, khaki pants, and a polo shirt.
  • Our stage crew may be backstage, so performers with a costume change must wear underclothing, such as a body suit.